Romilda Clarimond is in her new home

Breed: British Shorthair

Age/DOB: 5 years

  • Romilda,  British Shorthair
  • Romilda and Myrtle,  British Shorthair
  • Romilda,  British Shorthair
  • Romilda,  British Shorthair

Please note Romilda and Myrtle Clarimond  are bonded  British Shorthair besties who are looking for a forever home together.

Romilda is a gorgeous little character who is very lovable. She's like a chubby teddy bear with her short little legs, squishy face, big beautiful yellow eyes and soft coat. Everyone who meets her comments on how adorable she is. Romilda is a quiet girl who generally loves to lay around and while she isn't comfortable being picked up or constantly petted, but she does seek out affection in the form of gentle pats and head scratches and likes to sit near you on the couch. She is also partial to sharing your bed at night, cuddling up against your legs and calmly greeting you when you awake in the morning.

Initially nervous and unsure in new situations, once given the time to settle, Romilda is a lovely little companion who enjoys your company and affection - and it has been shown whilst in foster care that with the security of a stable home and familiarity of her people her confidence grows and her playful and loving nature really shines through. Romilda is undemanding but she loves to be close to her foster carer and will seek her out if she leaves the room.

Romilda can sometimes be a bossy boots with her sister Myrtle and may tell her off now and again (the usual sibling rivalry) but they are deeply bonded sisters, they love and need each other and it is a gorgeous sight to see them laying together on the couch or bed having a good nap/snuggle. They are very funny when they have a spurt of energy and will cheekily chase each other around and love to have a play with their toys. It is lovely to know they gain comfort from the other being around. Romilda will open her mouth to meow when you pat her but nothing really comes out, it is the cutest thing! And once in a deep sleep, she sometimes snores softly which her foster carer finds very endearing.

After being let down by humans in the past Romilda and her sister are now searching for the security and stability of a relaxed, calm and loving forever home and would be the perfect choice for those wanting a low maintenance, loving pet who really enjoys companionship and gentle affection but doesn't need to be smothered by their human or require constant attention. And they both love to have a sleep in which means you won't be woken by constant meowing in the mornings!

Microchip Number: 956000008336399
Source Number: RE120211

Medical Notes:

All our cats are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, fleatreated as necessary and if over 12 months FIV tested.

Adoption Fee: $250

If you would like to give Romilda Clarimond a new home please download the application form.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.

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